What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?

Everybody wants his or her website to rank higher in the search engines. Many factors contribute to those sites getting ranked higher in search results of different search engines available. Many search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use different algorithms in ranking sites higher in the search results. Search engine optimisation is the most commonly used method that focuses on helping websites to rank higher through various methods such as keywords optimisation. SEO services Auckland is basically the process of making a website visible in search engines.

SEO is the best way to market you website and increase your traffic. However, ranking your site in the first pages of search engines like Google takes a lot of search engine optimisation and sometimes money. A lot of time is also needed for web crawlers to go through your website finding the quality and the most searched phrases or keywords. Many web developers do not offer SEO in their packages. This optimisation has to be done by professionals who well understand phrases and how to well arrange them in web content. Search algorithms change regularly and so some of the techniques used in your website may not be useful in a given period. This calls for patience.

There are many tactics and ways of increasing rankings though they aren’t guaranteed to work. One of the best ways to increase traffic in your site is by creating strong valuable content that attracts viewers. Blogging can also be used as a way of increasing keyword density and marketing your site. Another commonly used way of improving your SEO is by making sure the website has SEO-friendly URLs or links. You as the owner of the website may not understand much about this but your web developer should work on it. You should also work on your social media marketing as it also has an effect on your SEO.

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Search engine optimisers also use special tags in the programming of websites to help in them rank higher. These tags are placed in HTML codes, even before the content can be included. These meta tags have different tags in them that serve different purposes. One of the primary types of meta tags though not considered as one is the title tag. Title tags are very vital in a website. Keywords that describe the general overview of your page are placed in the title tags. When one opens a website, the keywords in the title tags are usually displayed on top of the browser. Other than title tag, researched keywords are also put in other tags such as the description tag. In this tag, words that describe the content of your page are well placed. When one makes a query and searches something in Google, there are words that are bolder in black. Usually, these are words in the description tag.

Other tags included are the robots tags, which tell the search engine whether to follow a certain link or not. Keyword meta tags can also be used in the optimisation of search engines. This tag includes other tags of the page that could be searched in a search engine. However, this tag doesn’t seem to work with the Google algorithm nowadays. Other tags include the author tag, the copyright and many more. The title tag is the most special and the most useful tag in search engine optimisation and should never be omitted.

Another commonly used method used to increase website traffic is through pay per click accounts or the PPC. Google Adwords is one perfect example. This solution is usually used by website owners who may need instant visibility in search engines. The pay per click services often charge few cents each time a keyword bought has been clicked or has directed someone in your site.

It should be noted that search engines like Google may only give you 65-70% of the traffic. This means that other marketing procedures should be employed other than fully relying on SEO. Building and adding your content in other different locations such as social media and blogs is the strongest way to get traffic from potential clients or readers of your content though it might take time and you don’t have money for the PPC services. Use of meta tags should also never be overlooked as they greatly help the SEO of your content.

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